Below are a sample of Harris Mini Golf's client feedback

Elise Johnson

Working with Harris was fantastic from day one! When you are going into a new business, its important to have trust. Harris helped us make decisions and steered us in the right direction. They treated us like family and still do.

Puttn Around

Dennis Mekosh

I wanted a miniature golf course that adults and teenagers could enjoy - not just little kids. I wanted something spectacular, different. Harris built us a beautiful course thats fair, but challenging - the perfect mix. The kids like it and so do the adults. Rich and the team at Harris are outstanding! Anything you want, theyll do it.

Caln Miniature Golf

Rusty Bertholet

It was incredible working with the team at Harris. I never saw a group of guys work so hard in my life. No matter what issues they encountered on site, they just made it all happen.

Logs of Fun

Stephanie Bennett

I have had 11,000 customers pass through my doors in the past 35 days and every single person takes not just a minute, but sometimes five, 10 or 20 minutes, to tell me how much they love the course. If they are down for a weeks' vacation, they come back three or four times because the kids love it so much. Everyone says its the nicest course they have ever played.

Island Miniature Golf

Charlie Hook

Its unbelievable the job Harris did on our small 90-by-100-foot piece of property. They built two large stone waterfalls, two streams and a pond with a small waterfall. The course plays beautifully. I never thought they could do such a wonderful job on such a small piece of property.

Tropical Island

Randy Bloch

The people at Harris were efficient, effective and flexible. I was on site every day during construction and the guys were always asking me for my input. They would take what I suggested and make it happen. They were on time and on budget, which was an absolute delight! Best of all, I've made a ton of money in the miniature golf business.

Putt U

Tom Kerber

Adding miniature golf to our 50-year-old family business, which includes a dairy farm and ice cream shop, was the best decision we could have made. The golf course is consistently busy and we have seen an increase of more than 40 percent in our ice cream sales.

Kerber Dairy

Michael McAdam

The great thing about Harris Mini Golf is the years of experience they bring to course design. This experience resulted in a course that has seen many return visits and smiles on faces! From first design to the crew working on site I can honestly say that working with Harris Mini Golf has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and with close on 40,000 visitors during this first year there's the proof of the success that well designed course can bring to your attraction

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